talk (Q&A)


Hi Everybody. I am Wiebe van den Ende, I am 37 years old and since as long as I can remember I have been writing and telling stories. I have a picture of me reading a book to my little brother before I could read.

I grew up in a home without a TV so I read every book I could find. Than when we got a TV at the same time I hit puberty it catapulted my adolescence to the level of anarchy. I started to skip school just so I could clean out the Movie rental and watch movies all day. You can safely say that that build the foundation of my film education.


I then did theatre school next to my regular school and started making music as a singer and rapper in a rock band. This is where I learned to set my goals high and go after them. 

At the same time I started directing music videos and we always travelled around with the camera making funny behind the scenes items. 

This got me a job as an editor at the football cub Ajax and later MTV. From there I worked my way up as a freelance promo and commercial director. And now I am here presenting my films to you.


*About Japan*

Ever since my father gave me Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa 

 I have been intrigued by the Japanese culture and of course as a film maker I watched Seven Samurai a couple of times. But it was just by sheer luck that I got here. All thanks to the persistence of this lovely Lady over there; Kana.


Being here is overwhelming. Tokyo is great, busy, creative, it vibrates and I can’t wait to check out more of this country.

But Anna, my girlfriend and I just made the pact that in three or four years we want to try and live here for a year or so. I’ll write and direct a Japanese / dutch film and she can be a doctor here somewhere :)

*How to make story*

How Do I come up with my stories. Well/// I like small and simple stories rooted in a deeper and darker subject. As you might have noticed.

I like to work from a concept, a short storyline and then build the characters, and then come up with things they have to over come that is the opposite of his or hers abilities.

*What are you important things about film making*

For me making movies is the summum of art. It’s where writing, acting, photography, camera movement, editing, fashion, set design, architecture, music, they all meet and create this collective burst of energy with just one goal, telling a good story the right way. 

Everything you see and hear is there for a reason, it is crafted, it is very well thought through and therefore magic. As a writer and director I feel like the composer, conductor and team coach of all of this and sitting here, checking if it works is just mesmerising to me

*About next films*

Now I am working on two major films and I have a short film waiting till the budget is done. 

First of all I am in the funding stage of a 40 minute VR film called: ‘My Only Way Out’ and just three weeks ago I got to present the project at the Rotterdam International Film Festival to investors and distributors as one of the four most innovative VR projects of Europe. Quite the honour.

It will be about Levy, a thirty year old ex convict and his best friends who see no other alternative but to rob the same crime boss who just gave them their deadly ultimatum.

 So yes,, that is going to be a VR action thriller and we hope to have it ready by the end of 2018


And I am writing on my first feature film called: Cameron. That is going to be a very dark comedy about a young guy who has to tell his girlfriend he is terminally ill while they are off to the wedding of her best friend.

I hope to have this ready in the summer of 2019.

*About Netherlands*

Then in short why I stay in the Netherlands…. I really love Amsterdam. It is too beautiful. It’s like this creative city that rivals with the biggest in the industry but then pact into a small village. It bursts of things to do, things to see and the views are spectacular. Around every corner there is beauty lurking waiting to be discovered. When the sun hits the canals, when the streets are damp with fresh rain, when you walk home drunk and the city looks just as messy as you feel.

I love it and hope to call that my base of operations for the rest of my life.